Строителна механизация и материали

The company offers to its customers high quality products and materials from European, American and Asian manufacturers, leaders in their field. The building machinery and materials we offer to our clients are:


  • Bitumen Distributor – fixed or detachable units – with infinitely variable width, adjustable spray bars, indirect heating, and computer control;
  • Slurry seal machines – for preparing and placing bituminous slurry seals
  • Chipping Spreaders – fast and even distribution of chippings, crushed stones, sand, asphaltic-bitumen gravel etc;
  • Bitumen Sprayers – in various sizes can be used almost anywhere;
  • Joint Sealing Machines – heater-mixer, joint sealing machines and machines for pre- and post- treating joints satisfy the toughest demands encountered in the field;
  • Universal sprayers – high performance and precise binder application, extremely simple operation and maintenance;
  • Tanker vehicles – for transporting bitumen, asphalt, emulsion, oil etc., for smooth operation at the construction site.


  • Special saws – able to cut any kind of materials such as concrete blocks, marble plates, and granite;
  • Table saws – suitable for the building sites and workshop to cut any kind of materials such as marble, granite, terrazzo, and tiles, with water flow control, and adjustment of the blade height;
  • Wood cutting machines – high quality and easy to use.
  • Custom joint cutters.


  • Smoothing machines – can be used to polish small and medium sized surfaces made from marble, granite, and terrazzo;
  • Floor saws – very light, medium range and big joint cutting machines, easy to manipulate, regulation of the height cut, possibility to cut with more than 1 blade;
  • Core drill machines – for examine pavement;
  • Concrete power trowels – used to get a quick and perfect finish onto small and big surfaces, equipped with finish and float blades;
  • Scarifiers – new light equipment for cleaning, deep grooving, and level reduction, removing of coating in concrete, asphalt, and steel;
  • Diamond blades – for cutting asphalt, concrete, stones etc. high quality, and long life;
  • Concrete pavers – all types of concrete pavers.


  • Chipping Manual and electrical benders – designed for use into iron workshop and building sites;
  • Steel and cable cutters – hand tools to cut;
  • Manual and electrical shears – able to realize any polygonal forms.


  • Concrete vibration equipment – with universal electric motor, flexible shaft, and vibrating head;
  • Frequency converters – Petrol converters and high frequency electronic converters with motor-in-head pokers. A wide choice of pokers is offered to satisfy the vibration needs on any building site;
  • Internal pneumatic vibrators for concrete – high and stable frequency as well as big amplitude of the vibration head ensuring maximum efficiency;
  • Vibrating screeds – surfacing, oscillating, extensible and double beam screeds with petrol or electric motor;
  • External vibrators – mounted to hoppers, bunkers, wagons, and hutches for discharging of filling materials;
  • Compacting plates – reversible and forward with petrol engine;
  • Tamping rammers – adjustable stroke, depending of the type of soil;
  • Vibratory soil compactors – complete range of compactors, with an ideal model for each specific piece of work; can be supplied with different equipment, depending of the type of work to be carried out;
  • Tandem vibrating rollers – High impact, high and low eccentric moment, strong and reduced concordance, suitable in deep compacting, difficult and thick bituminous mixtures, in closing and sealing works, in very thin layers and finishing; work in static for final runs to eliminate marks and surface treatment;
  • Combination vibrating rollers – combine the compaction capacity in depth of impact, the densities required in average thickness layer by concordance and the surface sealing effect; designed to work with bituminous mixtures like compacted hydraulic agglomerates (stabilized soils, gravel cement, compacted dry concrete, etc.);
  • Pneumatic rollers – global solution for road surface compacting;


  • ASPHALT PLANTS – The complete range of batch type asphalt plants, stationary, mobile and ultra mobile asphalt plants;
  • BITUMEN EMULSION PLANTS – fixed and mobile types, laboratory and industrial installations for different types bitumen emulsion;
  • CONCRETE PLANTS – Stationary, mobile and ultra mobile concrete plants;
  • Mills – for treating abrasive materials, with high sand production, gravel with a high form coefficient;
  • Jigs – with a free excitation and vibration mechanism, can be adapted to all aggregate gradations and characteristics;
  • Trommels – specially designed for washing rock and highly contaminated materials which have a lot of earth and clay.


  • Automatic wedge weld machines, combiwedge machines and hand tools for welding and making up geomembrane liners;
  • GEOTEXTILES – for protection, drainage, filtration, separation, and reinforcement;
  • GEOGRIDS – for reinforcement of slopes, soil, asphalt pavements, and embankment;
  • GEOMEMBRANES – for isolation of waste disposal sites and basins;
  • BITUMEN MASTIC – for filling joints and cracks in concrete and asphalt pavements, rehabilitation of railways, accomplishment of bridge joint system „Thorma joint“.


  • Mini cranes – suitable for any building site;
  • Cranes – All terrain cranes, truck mounted cranes, lattice on special chassis, mobile marbour crane;
  • Hydro demolition machines and robots – high pressure water jetting equipment for removing damaged or poor quality concrete from sensitive structures such as bridges, dam walls, tunnels, docks, and harbors;